Campustag „Zusammen hilft man besser?!“

Freiburg - Bei der Veranstaltung im Februar 2018 wird der Kinderschutz in der Pädiatrie im internationalen Kontext zwischen Deutschland, Frankreich und der Schweiz beleuchtet. Anmeldungen sind bis zum 30.11.2017 möglich.


Laurent SĂ©minel / Mathias Richard

When books meet cooks

- Should recipes be considered as a literary genre? Thanks to Eucor, some twenty MA students and PhD candidates from Strasbourg and Basel have just addressed this issue together.

Credits: Prof. Dr. Maurus Reinkowski

Challenges of Regional Foreign Policy in the Age of Globalization: The Republic of Turkey, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran as Regional Powers in the MENA Area

- The seminar that had been awarded a label as a Eucor course was taught by Professor Tim Epkenhans and Professor Maurus Reinkowski. It addressed the specific dynamics of foreign policy in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region since the 1990s.

Credits: UHA

The University of Haute-Alsace (UHA) is being honored for its project ELAN as laureate of the call for projects „New Curricula at the University“ within the framework of the 3rd Future Investment Program (PIA 3)

- ELAN is a comprehensive project aiming at a structural change of all courses of the UHA and a change of teaching methods in education and training. The project seeks to enable all participants to undergo and complete a course of study appropriate to their ideas and projects.